Meet our Artisan César and his Family!

Tagua Artisans Cesar & Teresa, Otavalo Ecuador


Mark and I work with several artisans and their families in Ecuador but we do have one we rely on the most, who we would like to introduce you to!  This is César who lives with his family high in the Andes of Ecuador.  They are indigenous Quichua and speak the Quichua Imbabura dialect.  This is the language of the Incas!  However, when we communicate with César and his wife Teresa we speak in Spanish with them. But at home, the language they use is Quichua.  This is César (second from the left) and his family with the volcano Imbabura in the background.

Cesar and his family in the foothills of Volcan Imbabura



While we were living in Ecuador, we got to know César as we would buy gifts of tagua jewellery for our families in the UK.  Our son would often visit his friends in the north of Ecuador and while there I would send him to do a bit of buying from the artisans!  Lots of video calls and photos swapped as decisions were made!  So we have known César for several years and been to his home several times, sometimes squished in the back of taxis with his children!  

      Mark and Alison with 2 of Cesar's children in a taxi in Ecuador

In January 2023 we were able to visit Ecuador again and work along with César and Teresa in their home, and just this week we have had a photo shoot of them and their children done and want to share some of the beautiful results!  

Cesar & Teresa, artisans who work with tagua nut making it into jewellery, walk hand in hand through the forest in the north of Ecuador




  • Thanks Cesar, jewellery made with all your soul.

    Vera Panneels
  • Cesar is a very talented man and his family are beautiful inside and out, to share a tiny potion of their lives with us is truly humbling. Thank you

  • thanks Cesar, we love the colours and shapes of the jewellery

    Tanya Eyre
  • That was really touching to read 🥹


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