• Meet our new model, Rosalia

    Meet our new model, Rosalia, from Ecuador.  A story of friendship, art and a peak behind the scenes as we do a photoshoot together in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The Inspiration Behind our Jewellery Names

    Read about the stories, places and people that have provided the inspiration for the names of our jewellery!
  • Meet our Artisan César and his Family!

    Read more about our main Quichua artisan Cesar and his beautiful family. Learn how much they value the work they do with tagua.  They live high in the Andes of Ecuador in the foothills of Imbabura Volcano.
  • Come to Cusco, Peru, with Me!

    Read about the amazing city of Cusco, Peru which sits nestled in the Andes Mountains at 11,000ft high and how it's Incan architecture has inspired some of our designs.
  • Johnny Vegas Meets The Happy Elephant!

    A friendly celebrity visits The Happy Elephant!  Read about the flurry of excitement at St Albans Market when Johnny Vegas paid a visit.
  • The Amazing Connection Between Gin & Tonic and the Tagua Nut!

    How on earth is tagua nut jewellery connected to the favourite cocktail Gin & Tonic?  Read this fascinating story to find out!
  • The Story Behind 'Floreana'

    One of our most popular styles of necklaces is "Floreana".  Read the fascinating story and history behind its name!
  • Our Unboxing Experience

    Unboxing a beautifully wrapped gift from The Happy Elephant!
  • Our First Anniversary of Market Trading

    Our first year of market trading has been a steep learning curve!
  • Why Tagua is the Perfect 14th Wedding Anniversary Gift!

    What is it about tagua that makes it the perfect gift for a 14th wedding anniversary?  Read our interesting blog to find out!
  • The Beautiful Little Açaí Seed

    Have you heard of the açaí super-berry?  Read about the humble little seed and how it is transformed into a thing of beauty!
  • How It All Began

    How did we end up selling tagua nut jewellery?  Read our first blog post to find out about the first step of the journey!