The Inspiration Behind our Jewellery Names

Some people ask us why we name our necklaces and bracelets. Good question! Well it's helpful for stock levels and when Mark and I call a necklace by a name we know exactly which one we are talking about! 

However, it also adds a personal touch which we feel is important as the jewellery is unique due to the incredible story behind it. As you may already know, it starts off as a seed growing on a palm tree in Ecuador, after the seed pod falls from the tree it's carved, dyed and polished before even being put together to make your beautiful jewellery! And because we are friends with the artisans (click here to read the blog about Cesar our main artisan) it all feels very personal. And when something is personal it just feels like it should have a name! 

Cesar and his family - our artisans who make tagua nut jewellery for The Happy Elephant

So from the very beginning of setting up our business we named our pieces of jewellery. But where do we get our inspiration? From many sources! Mainly from our 5 years spent living in Ecuador. So for example the necklace below is called Galápagos… 

Blue Mix Galapagos Tagua Nut Necklace from The Happy Elephant


When we had this style designed I said to Mark, "it looks like islands dotted in the sea!" And since we had been to Galápagos it was a beautiful memory of such happy times. At that point we didn't realise that Galápagos would be one of our best sellers! We've even had some men who bought it for their wife because they proposed on Galapagos! 

Other names we have chosen are because of the connections we have made with individuals. So for example our Ashley necklace is named after a young friend I made while living in Cuenca, Ecuador, called Ashley who fled from Venezuela, among thousands, with her mum and cousin due to the troubles. We became firm friends and still stay in touch. The photos below are of me and Ashley in 2019 and then when we returned for a visit in Feb of 2023! How she had grown from a young girl into a young woman. 

Alison & Ashley - the inspiration behind the Ashley Necklace

Ashley & Alison - A friendship that inspired the Ashley necklace

So we love how our jewellery connects us with our memories of beautiful people and places, in a land that will always be in our hearts ❤️

If you are interested in the background to the name of your particular necklace or bracelet please email me and ask me! I'd love to share it with you! 

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