How It All Began

Many ask us how we found out about tagua nut jewellery, which is a very good question.  So I thought that it would be a good idea to start a blog, as this journey of ours started back in 2015 and has taken many twists and turns before we ended up in 2022 selling tagua jewellery!

In 2015 we moved with our two teenage children to live in Ecuador - and that's a subject for a future blog!  When we travelled to the north of Ecuador to deal with our visa, we visited the town of Otavalo and some friends took us into the town where lots of tagua jewellery was sold.


My reaction was just amazement - I mean, come on, jewellery made from a nut AND a nut that resembled ivory!  The jewellery was colourful, tactile and had an amazing story.  What was not to love?  So back in April 2015 I started my own collection of tagua jewellery.  Little did I realise where this innocent encounter would lead!  In the following photos we are at the large indigenous market in Otavalo which is world famous and at this point I don't think our daughter Bethan or I even knew what tagua was!  And yet there it is right on the table in front of us!




  • Hi there. If ichanged to silver hoops- is it 925 silver?

  • Great first blog! I just want to say, that before discovering your lovely market stall, I’d never tried-or wanted to experiment with brighter colours, when it came to jewellery I think I was in a rut with the type of things I was buying. But I honestly love having jewellery that brings me out of my small comfort zone, all whilst representing my personality at the same time. I love how tactile everything feels and how comfortable it is to wear. I am officially obsessed 🤣😍💜


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