The Beautiful Little Açaí Seed

Mark and I were very excited the other evening, because on watching “Simon Reeve’s South America”” (Series 1, Episode 2) we saw him visiting an indigenous tribe in Brazil, (called the Waiapa) who harvest the açaí palm trees for their fruit. (The program is still available to watch on BBC iPlayer).

The açaí berry is becoming widely known as a superfood, because it's berry is packed with antioxidants that can help build up your immune system, but we were happy because even the humble little seed is not forgotten in our jewellery! 

It is taken and polished and made a thing of beauty.  Isn’t it wonderful that virtually nothing goes to waste!  Even the leaves and stems are used by the local people for thatch and building materials.

The açaí seeds we use come from Ecuador and are made into simple natural little bracelets.  This is how they start off

And then they are polished to make these gorgeous seed bracelets - all plant based!  Vegan jewellery at its best!  Click here to see the 2 colours we have available on the website.


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